Transforming anxiety

Notice and ease

Step 1: Notice and admit what you are feeling.

Step 2: Try to name the feeling.

Step 3: Tell yourself to e-a-s-e as you gently focus in your heart, relax as you breathe and e-a-s-e the stress out.


Power of Neutral

Step 1: Take a time-out, breathing slowly and deeply. Imagine the air entering and leaving through the heart area or the center of the chest.

Step 2: Try to disengage from your stressful thoughts and worried feelings as you continue to breathe.

Step 3: Continue the process untill you have neutralized the emotional charge.


Attitude Breathing

Step 1: Regocgnize an unwanted attitude: a feeling or attitude that you want to change. This could be overcare, anxiety, self-judgement, guilt, anger or anything else.

Step 2: Identify and breathe a replacement attitude. Select a positive attitude, then breathe the feeling of that new attitude slowly and casually through the heart area. Do this for a while to anchor the new feeling.